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Watch Cities and towns  city; town; capital; metropolis; village; hamlet; settlement; port; resort;  health resort; seaside resort; winter resort; mountain resort; ski resort;  big city; large city; small town; densely populated city;  center; downtown; suburb; outskirts; slums; ghetto;  region; district; neighborhood; borough; city block; city limits;  residential district (area; neighborhood; quarter); industrial quarter;  place; location; locality; vicinity; environment; surroundings; Streets and roads  street; road; avenue; alley; boulevard; lane; drive; route; thoroughfare;  main street; side street; back street; bystreet; one-way street; blind alley;  main road; side road; back road; byroad; byway; bypass; country road; dirt road; paved road;  highway; speedway; expressway; freeway; parkway; causeway; turnpike;  limited-access road; toll road; two-lane road; four-lane road;  autobahn; motorway; superhighway; Parts of streets and roads  fast lane; left lane; slow lane; right lane; breakdown lane; bicycle lane; bicycle path;  intersection; crossroads; junction; traffic light; red light; yellow light; green light;  pedestrian crossing; zebra crossing; crosswalk; sidewalk; pavement; walkway;  street corner; overpass; underpass; traffic circle; bridge; tunnel; Bus stop, parking lot, etc.  bus stop; bus terminal; taxi stop; subway station; subway entrance;  parking lot; garage; curb parking; to park at the curb; parking meter;  train station; railroad station; railway station; airport;  gas station; filling station; petrol station; Houses, buildings  house; small house; large house; brick house; brownstone; wooden house;  apartment house; block of flats (BrE); residential building;  three-story house; four-storied house; multistory building;  row house; cottage; cabin; bungalow; hut; lodge; mansion; villa; castle; palace;  town house; country house; summer house; farmhouse; ranch house;  office building; concrete-steel building; glass building; brick building;  skyscraper; high rise; tower; elevator building; walk-up building; Miscellaneous buildings  school; hospital; supermarket; department store; restaurant; hotel;  bank; post office; museum; library; movie theater; factory; plant;  police department; fire department; city hall; town hall; prison; jail;  church; cathedral; temple; chapel; mosque; synagogue; Places of interest and entertainment  sightseeing places; sights; tourist attractions; cultural attractions; showplaces;  historical places; historic places; historical sites; historic sites; historic landmarks;  art gallery; art museum; museum of art; science museum; exhibition; showroom;  monument; memorial; square; plaza; park; garden; botanical garden;  zoo; zoological garden; aviary; wildlife refuge; nature reserve; planetarium;  aquarium; marine park; water park; aquapark; amusement park;  concert hall; opera house; theater; movie theater; cinema; circus;  dancing hall; disco; discotheque; night club; Tourist information places  tourist information center; visitors center; visitors bureau;  travel agency; tourist agency; Hotels and other accommodation  hotel; inn; motel; lodge; youth hostel; residential hotel;  lodging; lodgings; lodging house; rooming house;  guesthouse (guest house); country inn; camping area; campsite;  boardinghouse (boarding house); bed and board; bed and breakfast;  deluxe hotel; luxury hotel; five-star hotel; four-star hotel; three-star hotel;  downtown hotel; small hotel; large hotel; old hotel; rundown hotel;  expensive hotel; moderate hotel; inexpensive hotel; cheap hotel; Restaurants, bars  restaurant; cafeteria; cafe; lunchroom; luncheonette; coffee shop; tearoom; snack bar;  eating place; eating house; diner; eatery; canteen; grillroom; pizzeria; milk bar;  French restaurant; Italian restaurant; Chinese restaurant; Mexican restaurant;  seafood restaurant; fish restaurant; fast food restaurant (fast-food restaurant);  hotel restaurant; a la carte restaurant; self-service restaurant; family restaurant;  bar; barroom; cocktail lounge; pub; tavern; saloon; Banks  bank; central bank; savings bank; commercial bank; nearest bank;  ATM (automatic teller machine); cash machine; currency exchange;  electronic banking; online banking; Shopping places  shopping center; shopping mall; department store; shoe store; computer store; bookstore;  supermarket; grocery store; food store; food market; farmers' market; bakery;  fair; annual fair; book fair; trade fair; trade center;  market; market place; flower market; flea market; bazaar;  newsstand; fruit stand; street vendor; Sports facilities  health club; fitness center; gym; tennis club; golf club; country club;  sports area; recreation area; sports ground; playground; campground;  football ground; basketball ground; tennis court; golf course;  swimming pool; skating rink; boxing ring; wrestling ring; racetrack; racecourse;  football field; stadium; sports arena; Health facilities  hospital; clinic; polyclinic; health center; hospital clinic; dental clinic; the dentist's;  outpatient clinic; outpatients' department; ambulatory surgical center; surgery department;  waiting room; consulting room; hospital ward; emergency room; operating room; the ambulance;  pharmacy; drugstore; Educational facilities  kindergarten; nursery school; elementary school; high school;  school; college; institute; university; academy; medical school; law school;  business school; vocational school; trade school; music school;  library; campus; dormitory; day-care center; day camp; summer camp; Hair care, skin care  hair salon; hairdresser's; barber shop;  beauty parlor; beauty salon; beauty shop;  massage parlor; solarium; Rentals  rental agency; car rental; bicycle rental; video rental;  real estate agency; house rental; apartment rental; Services and repair  laundry; laundromat; dry cleaner's;  automobile repair shop; auto repair shop; car repair shop; service station; garage;  bicycle repair shop; computer repair shop; home repair shop; locksmith's shop.  Related materials in the section Vocabulary: British and American Vocabulary; Stores and Consumer Goods; Food Products Main List. good, great, nice, fine, lovely, beautiful, wonderful, excellent, gorgeous, fair, pleasant;  bad, awful, terrible, nasty, lousy, foul, rotten, miserable, unpleasant, dull;  sunny, warm, hot, mild, cool, chilly, cold, freezing, icy, frosty;  rainy, wet, humid, dry, arid, frigid; foggy, smoggy, misty;  windy, stormy, breezy, windless, calm, still;  a spell of good weather; a two-day spell of sunny weather; a spell of rainy weather;  Sky: cloudy, overcast, cloudless, clear, bright, blue, gray (BrE grey), dark; a patch of blue sky. Examples  The weather is nice today. The weather is good today. The weather is awful today.  Nice weather, isn't it? Terrible weather, isn't it? It's a nice day, isn't it?  It's warm today. It's hot today. It's cold today. It is cold and windy.  It's humid. It's hot and humid. It's cloudy, but there's no rain.  It's raining. It's raining hard. It's snowing. It's snowing hard. I wish it would stop raining. Weather phenomena and related words Sunshine  warm sun, hot sun, blazing sun, sunshine, sunlight, sunrays, sunbeams;  bright sunshine, bright sunlight; a patch of sunlight; daylight, moonlight;  sunrise, sunset, day, night, dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, twilight, nightfall, midnight; Wind  strong wind, high wind, light wind, cold wind, warm wind, brisk wind, fresh wind; a gust of wind;  easterly wind, northerly wind, southerly wind, westerly wind;  wind, breeze, hurricane, windstorm, whirlwind, tornado, typhoon, dust storm, sandstorm, tropical storm; Rain  heavy rain, pouring rain, steady rain, constant rain, cold rain, warm rain, light rain, gentle rain;  rain, rainfall, shower, downpour, deluge, rainstorm, drizzle, hail, sleet;  a drop of rain, a droplet, a raindrop; rainbow; Fog  fog, mist, haze, smog, dew;  thick fog, dense fog, heavy fog, patchy fog; a blanket of fog; Thunder and lightning  thunderstorm, thunder, a clap of thunder, a thunderclap, a bolt of thunder, a thunderbolt;  lightning, a flash of lightning, a bright flash of lightning, a bolt of lightning; Snow  heavy snow, deep snow, fresh snow, light snow, wet snow, falling snow, melting snow;  snow, snowfall, snowstorm, blizzard, frost;  snowflake, snowdrift / snowbank, ice, icicle; Seasons  winter, spring, summer, autumn; fall (AmE); early spring, late autumn; Indian summer;  springtime, summertime, wintertime; spring season, summer season, fall season, winter season;  dry season, wet season, rainy season, cold season, warm season; Disasters  earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide, avalanche, hurricane;  flood, deluge, tidal wave, tsunami, drought, fire. Other words and phrases  Nature, environment, ecology, air pollution, water pollution, acid rain, the cutting down of forests;  industrial waste, chemical waste, toxic waste, nuclear waste;  the ozone hole, the greenhouse effect, global warming. Weather reports  weather report, weather forecast, weather man, thermometer, barometer;  climate, temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, three inches of snow. Sample weather reports  Mainly cloudy with a little drizzle. Slight chance of a rain shower. Northeastern wind at 5 to 10 mph. Temperature below normal in the north and central regions. Near normal for southern regions. Maximum temperature 10°C.  Cold and dry in the morning, warmer later. Windy and increasingly cloudy with sunny periods. Rain expected at night, with 40 percent chance of showers. Maximum 58 degrees F (14°C) in the afternoon. Strong wind expected Monday, with temperature in low 50s.  Sunny in the morning with cloudy intervals later in the day. Chance of rain 50%. Isolated thunderstorms possible. Highs in the mid 80s and lows in the upper 60s.  Heat wave expected. Temperature 97–98 degrees F (36–37 degrees C) to 101–103 degrees F (38–39 degrees C) for the next three days. High atmospheric pressure. TEMPERATURE Fahrenheit and Celsius  Fahrenheit is used in the U.S.; Celsius is used in the other English-speaking countries.  Freezing point of water: 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0 degrees Celsius.  Boiling point of water: 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or 100 degrees Celsius.  Room temperature: 65–68 degrees Fahrenheit, or 18–20 degrees Celsius.  Nice warm weather: 72–81 degrees Fahrenheit, or 22–27 degrees Celsius.  Cold frosty weather: 0 degrees Fahrenheit, or –18 degrees Celsius.  Normal body temperature (in the mouth): 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius.  Normal body temperature (in the armpit): 97.9 degrees Fahrenheit, or 36.6 degrees Celsius.  Illness: 100–104 degrees Fahrenheit, or 38–40 degrees Celsius.  Oven: 300°F is 149°C; 350°F is 177°C; 400°F is 204°C; 500°F is 260°C. Some more equivalents  Note: A few figures below have been rounded off to the nearest whole number.  –40 degrees Fahrenheit is –40 degrees Celsius;  –22 degrees Fahrenheit is –30 degrees Celsius;  –15 degrees Fahrenheit is –26 degrees Celsius;  –10 degrees Fahrenheit is –23 degrees Celsius;  –4 degrees Fahrenheit is –20 degrees Celsius;  0 degrees Fahrenheit is –18 degrees Celsius;  5 degrees Fahrenheit is –15 degrees Celsius;  10 degrees Fahrenheit is –12 degrees Celsius;  20 degrees Fahrenheit is –7 degrees Celsius;  25 degrees Fahrenheit is –4 degrees Celsius;  32 degrees Fahrenheit is 0 degrees Celsius;  35 degrees Fahrenheit is 2 degrees Celsius;  41 degrees Fahrenheit is 5 degrees Celsius;  50 degrees Fahrenheit is 10 degrees Celsius;  61 degrees Fahrenheit is 16 degrees Celsius;  65 degrees Fahrenheit is 18 degrees Celsius;  70 degrees Fahrenheit is 21 degrees Celsius;  75 degrees Fahrenheit is 24 degrees Celsius;  81 degrees Fahrenheit is 27 degrees Celsius;  86 degrees Fahrenheit is 30 degrees Celsius;  90 degrees Fahrenheit is 32 degrees Celsius;  95 degrees Fahrenheit is 35 degrees Celsius;  97.9 degrees Fahrenheit is 36.6 degrees Celsius;  98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is 37 degrees Celsius;  100 degrees Fahrenheit is 37.8 degrees Celsius;  101 degrees Fahrenheit is 38.3 degrees Celsius;  102 degrees Fahrenheit is 38.9 degrees Celsius;  103 degrees Fahrenheit is 39.4 degrees Celsius;  104 degrees Fahrenheit is 40 degrees Celsius;  110 degrees Fahrenheit is 43 degrees Celsius;  122 degrees Fahrenheit is 50 degrees Celsius;  140 degrees Fahrenheit is 60 degrees Celsius;  158 degrees Fahrenheit is 70 degrees Celsius;  176 degrees Fahrenheit is 80 degrees Celsius;  194 degrees Fahrenheit is 90 degrees Celsius;  212 degrees Fahrenheit is 100 degrees Celsius. Examples  Water boils at 212°F. (at two hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit)  Water freezes at 0°C. (at zero degrees Celsius)  The temperature outside is 18 degrees below zero. (eighteen)  The temperature outside is minus 18 degrees.  It's cold outside. It is about three degrees above zero.  It's very hot outside. It's about thirty-five degrees.  It's very hot outside. It's about ninety-five degrees.  My temperature is normal. My temperature is 36.6 degrees. (thirty-six point six)  My temperature is normal. It's 98.6 degrees. (ninety-eight point six) Clothes  women's clothes, men's clothes, children's clothes, baby clothes, sports clothes;  women's clothing, ladies' clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, sports clothing;  winter clothes, winter clothing, summer clothes, casual clothes, formal clothes;  expensive clothes, cheap clothes, nice clothes, shabby clothes;  designer clothes, tailor-made clothes, handmade clothes, ready-made clothes;  work clothes, working clothes, uniform, protective clothing;  footwear, headgear, underwear, sportswear, swimwear, sleepwear;  clothes, clothing, garments, wear, dress, outfit, attire, apparel;  fashion, style, vogue, haute couture; Outer garments  winter coat, warm coat, fur coat, sheepskin coat, storm coat, parka, snowsuit;  coat, topcoat, overcoat, trench coat;  raincoat, waterproof coat, slicker;  leather jacket, bomber jacket, car coat;  windbreaker, windcheater, sports jacket; Women's clothes  casual dress, formal dress; summer dress, woolen dress;  cocktail dress, low-cut dress, evening dress, evening gown;  business suit, pants suit (also, pant suit); uniform;  button-through dress, pinafore dress, house dress;  maternity wear, maternity dress;  sweater, jersey, cardigan, jacket, vest;  blouse, shirt, tunic, T-shirt, tank top, halter top;  skirt, miniskirt, long skirt, pleated skirt, black skirt, culotte;  pants, slacks, trousers, jeans, denims, shorts;  swimsuit, swimming suit, bathing suit, bikini;  jumpsuit, warm-up suit, training suit; Men's clothes  business suit, three-piece suit; tuxedo, tail coat, tails; black tie, white tie;  trousers, slacks, jeans, denims, shorts;  jacket, blazer, vest;  sweater, turtleneck sweater, pullover, jumper, sweatshirt;  shirt, polo shirt, T-shirt, tank top;  warm-up suit, training suit, trunks;  bathing trunks, swimming trunks, swim trunks, swim briefs;  uniform, work clothes, overalls; Underwear, hosiery, sleepwear, robes  underwear, lingerie; panties, bra, slip, half slip;  briefs, underpants, T-shirt, undershirt;  pantyhose, tights, leggings, stockings;  socks, slouch socks, knee-high socks;  pajamas (BrE: pyjamas), nightgown, sleepshirt;  housecoat, robe, bathrobe, terry-cloth robe; Parts of clothes and their types  collar, turtleneck collar, shawl collar, stand-up collar;  V-neck, crew neck, collarless;  sleeve, long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless;  with long sleeves, with short sleeves;  long-sleeved blouse, short-sleeved dress;  padded shoulders, cuffs;  pocket, front pocket, back pocket, side pocket;  patch pocket, slash pocket, inside pocket; Fabric and material  fabric, cloth, material, textile;  cotton, linen, silk, wool, mohair;  velvet, corduroy, denim, suede, leather;  synthetics, nylon, polyester, Lycra, spandex;  artificial fur, natural fur, mink, fox, sable, chinchilla, beaver, rabbit, astrakhan, sheepskin;  knitted garments, knitwear, knitted cap (socks, sweater, etc.);  embroidery, embroidered dress (blouse, shirt, etc.) Patterns and colors  floral pattern, floral print, flower pattern, flower print;  paisley print, animal print, bright print, all-over print;  print skirt, print shirt, printed top, printed sleeves;  striped, checked, checkered, plaid, polka dot, paisley;  bright colors (BrE: colours), colorful, pastel colors, soft colors;  light-blue, dark-green, bright-red, black-and-white;  black, blue, brown, gray (BrE: grey), green, navy;  orange, pink, purple, red, violet, white, yellow; Accessories  bag, handbag, purse, clutch, briefcase, attache case;  wallet, pocketbook, billfold, purse, coin purse;  make-up kit, cosmetic case, shaving kit, travel kit;  travel bag, duffel bag, sports bag, backpack, rucksack, tote bag;  hand luggage, hand baggage, cabin bag, carry-on bag, flight bag;  suitcase, garment bag, Pullman bag, trunk;  belt, suspenders, straps, umbrella;  button, zipper, buckle, clasp, Velcro;  hat, fur hat, beret, cap, baseball cap, hood, headband, helmet;  scarf, kerchief, silk scarf, woolen scarf, knitted scarf, muffler, shawl;  gloves, mittens, earmuffs;  handkerchief, sunglasses, glasses, contact lenses;  necktie, tie, silk tie, bow tie; Shoes  winter boots, ladies' boots, hiking boots, rubber boots;  walking shoes, Oxfords, loafers, moccasins;  pumps, evening shoes, patent leather shoes, suede shoes;  high-heel shoes, low-heel shoes, flat-heel shoes;  sandals, open-toe shoes, slippers, mules, rubber thongs;  tennis shoes, running shoes, sneakers, training shoes, trainers, athletic shoes;  sole, insole, lining, cushioning, heel, tongue, buckle, shoe laces; Jewelry  gold ring, diamond ring, engagement ring, wedding ring;  necklace, bracelet, brooch, earrings;  chain, pendant, charms;  cuff links, tie tack, tie pin;  watch, wristwatch;  jewelry (BrE also: jewellery);  precious stone, semiprecious stone, jewel, gem, gemstone;  diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, opal, topaz, pearl; Articles of clothing  a piece of clothing, an article of clothing, an item of clothing;  several articles / items / pieces of clothing; a set of clothes; a change of clothes;  a pair of trousers, a pair of jeans, a pair of pants, a pair of shorts;  a pair of gloves, a pair of mittens, a pair of socks;  a pair of shoes, a pair of boots, a pair of slippers; Verbs  to wear, to put on, to take off;  to dress, to undress; to be dressed in a new suit;  to button, to unbutton; to zip, to unzip;  to tie, to untie; to lace, to unlace;  to buckle, to unbuckle. Examples in sentences He put on a warm sweater  He put on a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans.  He put on his shoes, his coat and his hat. He put on his gloves.  He took out a fresh change of clothes and put them on.  He buttoned up his shirt. He buckled his belt.  He laced up his boots. He tied the laces of his running shoes.  He unbuttoned his coat. He unzipped his jacket.  He took off his hat. He took off his shoes and put on his slippers. He is wearing a gray suit  Maria is wearing a red dress and a black suede jacket today.  Natasha is wearing a dark gray suit and a white blouse today.  Anna is wearing a black skirt, a light-blue blouse, and high-heeled black shoes. There is a colorful scarf around her neck.  Ella is wearing a skirt and a sweater. Tanya is dressed in a pants suit.  Tom is wearing a dark-gray business suit, a white shirt and a gray silk tie.  Anton prefers casual clothes. He usually wears blue jeans and a sweater to class.  What are you wearing today?  What do you usually wear to work?  (Phrases for situations in a department store are listed in Shopping in the section Phrases.)  (Фразы для ситуаций в универмаге
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ather; mother; parents; son; daughter; child; children; offspring; brother; sister; sibling; siblings; twins; twin brothers; twin brother; twin sisters; twin sister; younger brother; kid brother; older sister; elder sister; to bring up children; to raise children; Formal words: offspring (i.e., child or children); sibling (i.e., brother or sister); spouse (i.e., husband or wife). grandfather; grandmother; granny; grandparents; grandson; granddaughter; grandchild; grandchildren; great-grandfather; great-grandmother; great-grandchild; Adoption and related words adopted son; adopted daughter; adopted child; half-brother (half brother); half-sister (half sister); stepfather; stepmother; stepbrother; stepsister; stepchild; foster family; foster father; foster mother; foster parents; foster home; foster son; foster daughter; foster child; foster brother; foster sister; to adopt a child; to foster a child; orphan, orphans; Relatives uncle; aunt; nephew; niece; cousin; first cousin; second cousin; close relatives; distant relatives; closest relatives; nearest relatives; next of kin; immediate family; family members; members of the family; head of the household; my family; my relatives; my folks; my kin; my kinfolk (kinsfolk); Relatives by marriage in-laws; father-in-law; mother-in-law; son-in-law; daughter-in-law; brother-in-law; sister-in-law; Note the plural: two sons-in-law; three daughters-in-law; brothers-in-law; sisters-in-law. Note the possessive case: my father-in-law's house; my sister-in-law's car. Age groups and related words boy, girl; male child; female child; man, woman; child; baby; newborn baby; infant; toddler; little boy; little girl; kid; childhood; teenager; teenage boy; teenage girl; adolescent; young boy; youngster; youth, youths; lad; young girl; young man; young woman; adult; grownup; middle-aged man; middle-aged woman; old man; old woman; senior members of the family; younger members of the family; Marital status and related words single; married; engaged; separated; divorced; widowed; to marry; to get married; marriage; husband; wife; spouse; ex-husband; ex-wife; divorce; married couple; husband and wife; married man; unmarried man; bachelor; married woman; unmarried woman; single mother; widow; widower; grass widow; grass widower; fiance; engagement; engagement ring; bride; bridegroom (groom); bridesmaid; best man; wedding; wedding ring; wedding cake; newlyweds; honeymoon; divorce; alimony; child support; child custody; girlfriend; boyfriend; Other related words ancestor; forefather; descendant; heir; generation; family tree; genealogy; family history; date of birth; place of birth; birthplace; birthday; birthday party; birthday presents; pregnancy; childbirth; the baby is due in June; birth; guardian; godfather; godmother; godson; goddaughter; godchild; nursery; creche; day-care center; nursery school; kindergarten; nanny; babysitter; illness, sickness, disease; death; funeral; burial; cemetery; graveyard; grave. My family I have a large family. My father is 57. (fifty-seven) He works as an engineer at a plant. My mother is 55. She works part-time as a nurse. My younger brother is a student of economics. He is going to graduate next year. I also have an older sister. She is married and lives with her family in an apartment house not far from us. They often visit us. Her daughter Lena, my niece, is a very talented girl. She plays the piano and writes interesting poems. I am married. My wife Olga is a schoolteacher. She teaches mathematics. We have two children, a boy and a girl. My son Victor is six years old, and my daughter Anna is three years old. They go to a kindergarten near our house. My wife picks them up on her way home from work and takes a long walk with them in the park. My mother looks after the children when we work late, and my mother-in-law takes care of them on Saturdays. We live in a large house with a nice garden. There is enough room for all of us, and I even have my own study in the attic. It is small, but I like it. There is a table with my computer on it, a chair, and a book shelf. I spend a lot of time there working with my papers and studying English. We have a lot of relatives. My aunt and two uncles live in a small town about 60 kilometers from my hometown. Their children, my cousins, are about my age, and we communicate often. Every year the whole family gets together for Christmas. We prepare a huge Christmas dinner, and there are a lot of presents for everyone. Моя семья У меня большая семья. Моему отцу 57 лет. Он работает инженером на заводе. Моей матери 55 лет. Она работает неполный рабочий день медсестрой. Мой младший брат – студент экономики. Он заканчивает институт в следующем году. У меня также есть старшая сестра. Она замужем и живёт со своей семьёй в многоквартирном доме недалеко от нас. Они часто навещают нас. Её дочь Лена, моя племянница, очень талантливая девочка. Она играет на пианино и пишет интересные стихи. Я женат. Моя жена Ольга – школьный учитель. Она преподаёт математику. У нас двое детей, мальчик и девочка. Моему сыну Виктору шесть лет, а моей дочери Анне три года. Они ходят в детский сад возле нашего дома. Моя жена забирает их по пути домой с работы и долго гуляет с ними в парке. Моя мать смотрит за детьми, когда мы работаем допоздна, а моя тёща смотрит за ними по субботам. Мы живём в большом доме с хорошим садом. Места достаточно для всех, а у меня даже есть свой собственный кабинет на чердаке. Он маленький, но мне нравится. В нём стол с моим компьютером, стул и книжная полка. Я провожу там много времени, работая с бумагами и изучая английский язык. У нас очень много родственников. Моя тётя и два дяди живут в маленьком городе примерно в 60 километрах от моего родного города. Их дети, мои двоюродные братья и сёстры, примерно моего возраста, и мы часто общаемся. Каждый год вся семья собирается вместе на Рождество. Мы готовим огромный рождественский обед, и для всех есть множество подарков. BrE and AmE BrE: elder brother; elder sister – AmE: older brother; elder brother; older sister; elder sister; BrE: flat – AmE: apartment; BrE: block of flats – AmE: apartment house; BrE: centre, centres – AmE: center, centers; BrE: kilometre, kilometres – AmE: kilometer, kilometers. Related materials: British and American Vocabulary in the section Vocabulary; About Myself in the section Phrases; Family and Friends Management president; vice-president; director; manager; executive officer; CEO (chief executive officer; company executive officer); deputy director; managing director; financial director; marketing director; general manager; assistant manager; manager; production manager; personnel manager; marketing manager; sales manager; project manager; supervisor; inspector; controller; Office workers office worker; office employee; office clerk; filing clerk; receptionist; secretary; assistant; typist; stenographer; Banking and financial activities banker; bank officer; economist; auditor; accountant; bookkeeper; teller; cashier; bank clerk; financier; treasurer; investor; sponsor; stockbroker; pawnbroker; tax collector; Sales and stores sales representative; sales manager; salesperson; salesman; saleswoman; salesgirl; salesclerk; cashier; seller; buyer; wholesale buyer; wholesaler; retailer; merchant; distributor; dealer; trader; advertising agent; grocer; greengrocer; baker; butcher; florist; Medicine doctor; physician; family doctor; general practitioner; eye specialist; ear specialist; throat specialist; heart specialist; cardiologist; surgeon; pediatrician; psychiatrist; psychoanalyst; dentist; dietitian; pharmacist; veterinarian; nurse; paramedic; nurse's aide; School and college principal; dean; professor; teacher; instructor; schoolteacher; college teacher; university teacher; head teacher; senior teacher; tutor; mentor; counselor (BrE: counsellor); teacher of mathematics; mathematics teacher; math teacher (BrE: maths teacher); English teacher; teacher of English; history teacher; music teacher; student; pupil; learner; Science scientist; scholar; researcher; explorer; inventor; mathematician; physicist; chemist; biologist; botanist; zoologist; historian; archaeologist; geologist; psychologist; sociologist; economist; linguist; astronomer; philosopher; geographer; IT specialists computer specialist; computer programmer; computer operator; software specialist; systems analyst; systems administrator; web developer; web programmer; webmaster; web designer; Art and creative work artist; painter; sculptor; architect; composer; conductor; musician; pianist; violinist; guitarist; drummer; player; singer; dancer; opera singer; ballet dancer; performer; film director; producer; art director; cameraman; actor; actress; player; writer; poet; author; playwright; dramatist; scenarist; publisher; journalist; reporter; correspondent; photographer; designer; fashion designer; dress designer; interior designer; furniture designer; graphic designer; Construction, repair, maintenance builder; construction worker; developer; contractor; engineer; technician; mechanic; electrical engineer; electrician; welder; bricklayer; mason; carpenter; plumber; painter; decorator; repairer; repairman; maintenance man; handyman; caretaker; housekeeper; cleaning lady; cleaning woman; janitor; Pilots, drivers, crew members pilot; flight engineer; flight navigator; flight attendant; stewardess; dispatcher; mechanic; car mechanic; railroad worker; railway worker; driver; chauffeur; taxi driver, cabdriver; bus driver; truck driver; captain; skipper; navigator; sailor; Law and order judge; lawyer; attorney; legal adviser; barrister; solicitor; police officer; policeman; traffic officer; detective; guard; bodyguard; lifeguard; warden; prison guard; Restaurants chef; head cook; cook; maitre d'hotel (maitre d'); headwaiter; waiter; waitress; bartender; barman; barmaid; dishwasher; busboy; Other firefighter, fireman; tailor; seamstress; postman, mailman; travel agent; travel guide; model; politician; porter; editor; proofreader; printer; translator; interpreter; librarian; jeweler (BrE: jeweller); telephone operator; coal miner; farmer; farm worker; fisherman; hunter; forester; gardener; hairdresser; hair stylist; barber; beautician; cosmetologist; specialist; expert; consultant; adviser; priest; clergyman; Places of work office; agency; company; firm; corporation; business firm; enterprise; plant; factory; restaurant; department store; bank; hospital; hotel; school; university; library; theater; museum; art gallery; transportation company; shipping company; construction company; publishing company; film company; insurance company; advertising agency; travel agency; rental agency; Related terms to look for a job; to find a job; to apply for a job; to get a job; to offer a job; to hire; to be hired; to fire; to be fired; to be laid off; to lose one's job; to quit; to quit one's job; to leave; to resign; to retire; employment; unemployment; unemployed; jobless; job seeker; letter of application for a job; resume; CV; job interview; work agreement; contract; employer; employee; co-worker; promotion; Describing a job a job in electronics; a teaching job; a position as secretary; an interesting job; a boring job; a good job; a difficult job; a challenging job; a well-paid job; a highly paid job; a low-paid job; a badly paid job; a full-time job; a part-time job; a permanent job; a stable job; a temporary job; to work full-time; to work part-time; to have a part-time job; to be on the staff; a staff of ten workers; a staff member; a member of staff; to work overtime; to work on weekdays; to work on Saturdays; a day off; Describing workers worker, employee, workman, laborer (BrE: labourer); skilled workers; unskilled workers; qualified workers; experienced workers; a full-time worker; a part-time worker; a temporary worker; a freelance worker; seasonal workers; manual workers; blue-collar workers; white-collar workers; Pay, taxes, benefits pay; wages; salary; earnings; fee; bonus; tips; income; payday; payment; to be paid by the hour; to be paid by the month; to earn (to get, to make) money; monthly pay; weekly pay; hourly pay; yearly pay; annual pay; monthly salary; yearly salary; annual salary; salaried workers; weekly wages; hourly wage; minimum wages; low wages; high wages; gross pay; net pay; take-home pay; overtime pay; severance pay; gross earnings; net earnings; average earnings; annual earnings; taxes; expenses; deductions; dues; fine; penalty; compensation; fringe benefits; sick leave; maternity leave; holiday; vacation; pension plan; medical insurance; health insurance; accident insurance; life insurance; Pay: Examples in sentences She gets ten dollars an hour. She is paid ten dollars an hour. Her hourly pay is ten dollars. He gets two thousand dollars a month. His monthly pay is two thousand dollars. His monthly salary is two thousand dollars. They get twenty-three thousand dollars a year. Their annual pay is $23,000. His salary is thirty-four thousand dollars a year. His salary is $34,000 a year. He earns thirty thousand dollars a year. He earned twenty thousand dollars last year by writing short stories. She earns two thousand a month. How much do you earn? How much did you get last year? How much does he make? Related phrases What do you do? What business are you in? I am a teacher. I am a car dealer. I am a freelance writer. I am a sales representative. I sell computers. I work as a psychologist. I work as a stockbroker. I work at a bank. I work at a small travel agency. I work at a hotel. I work at a transportation company. I work for a newspaper. I work for a film company. I am in real estate. I am in advertising. I have a small business of my own. I am a homemaker. I work at home. I am unemployed at the moment. I am looking for a job right now. I am looking for a job in marketing. I am looking for a job as a driver. I am seeking a position as librarian. I am seeking a position as office clerk. He is looking for a place as a housekeeper. She is looking for a place as a cook. I'd like to apply for a job. I'd like to apply for the position of shop assistant. He was offered the position of salesclerk. She has a position as cashier. Note: work, labor, job, position, profession, occupation work (работа, труд любого характера) – hard work; easy work; manual work; physical work; intellectual work. I have a lot of work today. He is at work now. My work is very interesting. What work do you do? labor, BrE labour (труд, работа, тяжёлый труд) – manual labor; physical labor. Manual labor is hard and tiring. job (работа, должность, оплачиваемый наёмный труд) – He lost his job last month. Do you like your new job? She wants to change her job. position (положение, должность, место) – How long did you work in your previous position? profession (профессия) – The profession of a doctor requires a lot of training. He is a lawyer by profession. occupation (занятие, профессия) – Write your name, age and occupation on this line. What is his occupation? What is your favorite occupation? – Reading. Note: Names of jobs and professions are usually formed with the help of the suffixes ER, OR, IAN, IST, ANT, ENT. Often, names of jobs and professions are compound nouns, and some of them may have variants of spelling. Примечание: Слова и фразы на одной и той же строке НЕ синонимы. Appearance attractive, good-looking, beautiful, handsome, pretty, cute, nice; plain, plain-looking, unattractive, ugly; well-dressed, nicely dressed, casually dressed, poorly dressed; neat, clean, untidy, dirty. Height tall, very tall, quite tall, six feet tall, not very tall, short; average height, medium height, middle height; he is average height; she is of middle height. Weight and Build thin, quite thin, slim, slender, skinny, medium-build, overweight, fat; strong, muscular, athletic. Hair dark, fair, black, red, brown, blond, chestnut brown, white, gray; long, short, medium-length, shoulder-length; straight, curly, wavy, thick, thinning, bald; shiny, smooth, neatly combed; dull, tousled, disheveled. Eyes blue, green, gray, brown, light-blue, dark-gray, grayish-blue, dark; big, bright, expressive, with long lashes. Age young, old, middle-aged; twenty years old, in her thirties, about forty. Character pleasant personality, good-tempered, good-natured, easy-going; terrible character, bad-tempered, ill-natured; friendly, sociable, outgoing, unfriendly, hostile, unsociable; strong, tough, independent, mature, weak, immature; dependable, reliable, trustworthy, honest, unreliable, dishonest; reasonable, sensible, unreasonable, unpredictable, impulsive; ambitious, hard-working, energetic, lazy; disciplined, organized, careful, accurate; undisciplined, disorganized, careless, inaccurate, inattentive; attentive, alert, perceptive, observant, insightful, thoughtful, considerate; aggressive, pushy, self-centered, selfish, egoistical, inconsiderate; self-confident, shy, timid, modest, humble; haughty, arrogant, impudent; stubborn, obstinate; moody, melancholic, self-conscious, touchy, sensitive; humorous, amusing, funny, interesting, dull, boring; generous, unselfish, kind, kind-hearted; economical, thrifty, stingy, miserly, greedy; formal, official, informal, relaxed, casual; strange, odd, weird, eccentric, crazy. Mind intelligent, broad-minded, sharp, keen, bright, quick, agile, wise, clever; foolish, stupid, narrow-minded, silly. Related Phrases What does she look like? She is young and good-looking, with dark eyes and long red hair. He is tall and thin, with brown hair. He is twenty-five years old. She is average height, dark-haired, quite thin, and wears glasses. She's about fifty. He is old, short, medium-build, with gray hair and a beard. She has dark eyes, wavy blond hair, and a nice figure. She looks great. He is a handsome middle-aged man. She is a pretty young girl. How do I look? You look good. You look great. You look nice. You look terrible. You look awful. What is he like? He is friendly and dependable. He is interesting and amusing. He is smart and honest. He also has a good sense of humor. I like him. She is careless and lazy. You can't depend on her. She is serious, organized, hard-working, and tough. He is old, sick, and lonely. She is a nice clever girl. His character is terrible. He is hostile and bad-tempered. He doesn't have many friends. She is knowledgeable and broad-minded, and she likes to help young people. Who does he take after, his mother or his father? He takes after his father in appearance, but he is like his mother in character. He looks like his mother, but he takes after his father in character. Like his father, he is tall and handsome. What does he like? He likes ice cream and chocolate. She likes apples and oranges. She likes modern music. He likes old movies and classical music. She likes to read. He likes to play with his dog. What are you interested in? I'm interested in medicine. He is interested in politics. She is interested in history. I'm interested in sports. I'm into computers. I'm a movie fan. I like rock music. Other related words Note: Some of the words below are slang words. Use with caution. Примечание: Некоторые слова ниже из сленга. Употребляйте осмотрительно. a bookworm, a history buff, a sports fan, a music fan, a movie fan, a TV addict; a computer whiz kid, a computer freak, a number-cruncher; a fashion-monger, a fashion plate, a dandy; a junk collector, a pack rat, a miser, a squanderer; a homebody, a couch potato, lazybones, a workaholic, a Jack of all trades; an adventurer, a thrill seeker, an oddball, a weirdo; a prude, a hypocrite, a chronic liar, a gambler, a smooth operator, a city slicker, a simpleton; a superachiever, an underachiever, a winner, a loser, a tough guy, a softy; a woman-chaser, a womanizer, a lady's man / a ladies' man, a lady-killer; a black sheep, a scapegoat, a scarecrow, a white crow, a night owl. Weight and Height Weight 1 pound (lb.) = 0.4536 kilograms (kg) He weighs 170 pounds. (Pronounced as "one hundred and seventy pounds" or "one hundred seventy pounds".) He weighs 77 kilograms. (Pronounced as "seventy-seven kilograms".) Her weight is 132 pounds. (one hundred thirty-two pounds) Her weight is 59.9 kilograms. (fifty-nine point nine kilograms) Her weight is about 60 kilograms. (sixty kilograms) Height 1 inch (in.) = 2.54 centimeters (cm) 1 foot (ft.) = 12 in. = 30.48 cm = 0.3048 m He is six feet tall. He is 183 centimeters tall. (one hundred eighty-three centimeters) She is five feet three inches tall. She is five foot three. She is 160 centimeters tall. (one hundred sixty centimeters) Her 12-year-old son is about 5 feet tall and weighs about 88 pounds. (eighty-eight pounds) Her twelve-year-old son is about a hundred and fifty centimeters tall and weighs about forty kilograms. zegarek-watch-z-m-7-3-2-dellacqua-ann-demeulemeester-dior-homme-dkny-dolce-gabbana-duvelleroy-e-benoit-pierre-emery-equipment-ermanno-scervino-escada-etro-exte-f zegarek-watch-z-m-7-3-1-faconnable-fendi-gianfranco-ferre-fiorucci-tom-ford-franck-sorbier-frey-wille-frost-french-holly-fulton-diane-von-furstenberg-g-katie-galla


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